I've had a beautiful, fun week. Daniel's been showing art at Red Dot in Miami, so I've had a while to relax and do some planning for next year. I have so many beautiful ideas I want to bring into reality, and I can't wait to start working on them. (Like more original content on my blogs, more painting, more productivity, and working smarter. It's going to be an awesome year.)
I'm also looking forward to soaking in the goodness of the season, and I have some last-minute decorating and gifts to do, so I'll be a busy bee for the next week!

(A delicious home-spa day, Snacks
Clean dreads & painted pink nails, Sketching) 

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Looking Forward To
Hanging the twinkle lights and buying hot chocolate this week. (My two most favorite aspects of the season.) When Daniel gets back from his trip, we're going to set up and decorate our tree together!

writing & making holiday cards, hanging twinkle lights, buying hot chocolate, sketching new ideas for art series, wearing sweaters and socks every day, creating a blogging/writing area, lighting candles, and dreaming of of a new year.

peace & love,



Well, it's been a roller-coaster ride over here. I've spent a few weeks disconnected from the internet, the projects, the to-do's, -everything. Instead, I spent a lot of time reflecting and getting more introspective about 2012, and the highly anticipated 2013. (I've been planning some huge, big, beautiful changes for next year. And I'm really excited about it!) But for now, here are some instas from recent days and some blurbs of what I've been up to!

+Abstract has stolen my heart. A few nights ago, I had a burst of sudden inspiration, intense visions of some beautiful abstract forms. Some lovely shapes, just begging to be brought onto paper. So, I began pouring over sketchbooks, scribbling, drawing, and making. I'm dreaming up a new collection, a more permanent project of abstracts. We shall see where this goes...

+Art Journaling and Sketchbooks are back. I've fallen so deeply in love with my sketchbooks, it's not even funny. These bound books have become my best friend. Lately I've been pouring every idea, plan, note, sketch into my books and they're turning into little artworks themselves.

+I'm painting a lot. Yes! I'm painting more and more every day. I spend time with my watercolor paints once every few days, sometimes more if I can. But now I'm spending more time at the easel. I'm working with acrylics again, just playing and exploring.

(Homemade fries for dinner, Meditating love
New paintings in progress, Watching a beautiful sunrise with Daniel)

+2013 is going to be a mind-blowing, awesome year. I've already gotten down some plans and organized some goals. I'm planning to simplify and bring quality to many areas of my life. My plans for 2013 have me scared, excited, and really ready for a new challenge.

+I'm doing a lot of new things. Like a lot of new things. Writing a book, changing my blog style, painting more, new habits, new routines. I'm embracing the newness and making real change. I'm looking forward to a fuller, more balanced daily life.

+I'm excited to enjoy the season. We're talking sweaters, tube socks, hot cocoa, twinkle lights. It's going to be magic. I'm planning to decorate the tree with Daniel, watch some holiday movies, and wrap some gifts & cards for loved ones.

(Sweater Weather, Our new calendar in use!)

I can't wait to unleash all the greatness I've been holding back. Here's to the last month of 2012. 

peace & love,



(Om Namah Shivaya, Cloudy & windy weather, Enjoying Daniel's newest creation)

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Looking Forward To
Adding lots of new paintings & products to the ArtShop! (If you haven't already, follow the Birch & Bees Blog or Facebook to get updates on the newest additions to the shop.)

Sweater weather, writing by candlelight, making art everyday, working on a big project for 2013, enjoying new opportunities, wrapping up my 2012 projects, a delicious new tea flavor, the perfect morning routine, setting new goals, and stepping up my game.

peace & love,



After a little bout of burnout, I'm starting to get back into the groove of things over here. I took a couple weeks to unwind, unplug, and do some fun things. Like sketching some patterns, writing lists in my notebooks, and soaking up the beauty of everyday life.

Little things I've been enjoying; 
Pink flowers on my desk and smoky incense. A great book and reading something profound.
A peachy pink sunset over the valley. Trimming my bangs/fringe.
Cuddling with my best furry friend. Hanging more artworks and making my home more inspiring.

Sometimes all it takes is a yummy hot tea, a puppy, and a pretty pink flower to turn a bad day right around.
xo, Kaylee